On November 28 Mikhail Ignatyev, the Head of the Chuvash Republic, took part in the launch of the new scientific production complex of “NPP Bresler”, LLC.

In his welcoming speech the Head of the Chuvash Republic emphasized, that even under difficult economic conditions in today’s world, the enterprise is dynamically developing, successfully implements research, development and engineering works, design, elaboration and production of microprocessor devices for relay protection and control.

“You work in a responsible and clear manner, without “grey” schemes, investing your assets in the development, achieving high performance, thanks to which your workers get decent salaries. Microprocessor devices for relay protection and control are in demand on the market, as the issues of safety protection are always important in electric power industry. In October the weather prepared some challenges for us and some power line breakdowns took place. In that time I told our power engineers, that there is a company, producing automated facilities, which allow detecting fault location with a high precision. I recommended using the production by “NPP Bresler”, LLC to estimate the severity of a breakdown and to take recovery actions in time, thus providing the consumers with comfort”, the Head of the Chuvash Republic underlined.

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