In the scientific production enterprise “Bresler” Mikhail Ignatyev was introduced to the development of electric appliances and the work of mounting section.

As Nikolay Efimov, the Director General, said, “NPP Bresler” performs research, development and engineering works in the field of electrical power industry, design, development and production of microprocessor devices for relay protection and control. In the I quarter of 2014 the shipping volume made 46 mln. RUB, which was 24% in the current prices to the similar level of the last year.

The Head of the Republic underlined, that high-tech production enterprises, where young hopefuls use their knowledge and skills, are the base for the development of the Republic’s economics. Mikhail Ignatyev wished success in the personal fulfilment and career development to the young workers of “NPP Bresler”.

Source: Official web portal of the governmental authorities of the Chuvash Republic