On June 5 at the training centre “Energetik” in Vologda the scientific production enterprise “NPP Bresler” was presented to the managers of relay protection and control service companies.

Aleksandr Bulychev, Doctor of Technical Science (Doktor Nauk), the chief Technical Officer of “NPP Bresler”, told about the innovative developments in electrical power industry. Especially he told about the equipment, used in the sphere of relay protection: equipment for protection from on single phase-to-earth faults with the damaged feeder detection function; devices for fault detection for aerial circuits, featuring traveling wave, and double-side principles; devices for local and remote relay protection. For the first time the representatives of the company spoke before the electrical power engineers of MRSK North-West as part of the professional skill competition.

The production by “Bresler” is used by Russian network companies, as well as at the objects by MRSK North-West. Remote relay protection devices with fault detection systems undergo trial performance in “Vologdaenergo”. Such protection allows detecting faults behind minor voltage transformers, when short-circuit currents have little difference with normal mode currents. At the “Dno” substation (the object by “Pskovenergo”) the experts of the enterprise implemented the reconstruction project on the compensation system of capacitive ground short circuit currents. In 2012 a combined cabinet for arc suppression coil control and for damaged feeder detection at single phase-to-earth faults was mounted at the “Antonovo” substation in “Novgorodenergo”.

Source: Press-centre of "MRSK North-West", JSC