In 2012 5 types of research, development and engineering works of the total volume over 20 mln. RUB were performed under the order by “Holding MRSK”, JSC, the branch of “MRSK of Volga Region”, JSC, “Chuvashenergo”.

Namely, the works included the research of principal and reserve systems for power transformer protection, made at alternate operating control current. As a result, the existing technical solutions on local and remote reserve for transformer protection at operating control current substations were analyzed and the general requirements to the protection devices for local and remote reserve were defined. One more research work was connected with the implementation of high-speed system of automatic compensation current control in 6-35 kV networks. In the end of research works the compensation system for capacitive single phase-to-earth fault current was mounted at the substation 110/10/6 kV “Kirovskaya” by “Chuvashenergo”, the branch of “MRSK of Volga Region”, JSC.

The next research and development project was connected with the elaboration of single phase-to-earth fault suppression system and the detection of damaged connections in distribution networks of 6-35 kV. This systems was installed at the substation 110/6 kV “Parkovaya” by “Chuvashenergo”, the branch of “MRSK of Volga Region”, JSC. The works on the development of topological models, mathematical modelling, calculation and optimization of normal and emergency modes in networks were made for the benefit of the enterprise. According to the experts, the fifth innovation – the development of dry-running power equipment for capacitive current compensation in distribution networks of 6-35 kV – shall increase the reliability of electrical power supply for the consumers in the Chuvash republic, increase the fire safety of the substation, improve environmental performance, decrease operating and maintenance cost relating to electrical power equipment.

According to the Federal Law “On Science and State Scientific and Technical Policy”, the performance of research, development and engineering works is a form of scientific and technological activities, aimed at the obtainment and the use of new innovations to solve technological, engineering, economic, social, humanitarian and other problems, to provide the performance of science, technology and production as a uniform system. The priority innovation projects are implemented in “MRSK of Volga Region”, JSC according to the Innovation Development Program of the company from the point of view of social and economic benefits of these projects. It is necessary to say, that the experts, included into the members of the Scientific and Technical Council of “Holding MRKS”, JSC, who select projects, annually receive dozens of research and practice and experimental and development works in the field of electrical power industry. But the implemented projects include those, which in perspective will have a beneficial effect on the innovational development of the country’s electrical power complex.

Source: “Chuvashenergo”, the branch of “MRSK of Volga Region”, JSC