The automated compensation system for capacitive ground short-circuit current for II section of 10 kV bus was implemented at the substation 110kv “Belev” of the manufacturing department of “Suvorov Electrical Networks”, the branch of “Tulenergo” of JSC “MRSK of Centre and Volga Region”.

The automation of the arc suppression coil RMDR 480/10 was made based on the automated control terminal for arc suppression coils by “NPP Bresler” (the city of Cheboksary).

Today it is one of the most perspective developments of automated compensation systems for capacitive ground short-circuit current in a 6-10 kV network with insulated neutral.

Automated setting of arc suppression coils allows more effective compensation of ground short-circuit current, avoiding faults and failures of 6-10 kV networks and increasing the reliability of electrical supply for power consumers.