On March 18 the scientific production “Bresler” was visited by the delegation of the I. N. Ulyanov Chuvash State University, headed by its rector A.Yu. Aleksandrov.

N.S. Efimov, the Director General of “NPP Bresler” took the guests to the workshops, told them about the perspectives for production development. At the round-table meeting they discussed the issues of cooperation extension between the enterprise and the university.

Photo 1

Every year students of the Chuvash State University, majoring in various specialties, take their internship at “NPP Bresler”. Today from 20 to 30 students of various specialties are interns of our enterprise; most of them are appointed as our future employees after graduation.

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Over 80 % of workers at “NPP Bresler” are the graduates of the Chuvash State University. The leading experts of “NPP Bresler”, having many years of experience in the development of relay protection and control devices, provide training professional guidance; teach at the Department of Theoretical Basis for Electrical Engineering and Relay Protection and Control of the Chuvash State University; supervise students’ internship, course and graduation projects.