On May 27 at the training and recreational centre “Rosinka” Mikhail Ignatyev, the Head of the Chuvash Republic, met young scientists of the Republic. Other participants of the meeting included Vladimir Avrelkin, the Minister of Economic Development, Industry and Commerce of the Chuvash Republic, and Vladimir Ivanov, the Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic.

The employees of “NPP Bresler” LLC, Yury Bychkov and Dmitry Vasilyev, both having the degree of Candidate of Technical Science (Kandidat nauk), were also invited to the meeting. They told the authorities of the Republic about the scientific research and development at the scientific production enterprise “Bresler”, presented their projects and also discussed some questions.

At the end of the meeting the Head of the Chuvash Republic thanked the young scientists. “Russia’s future belongs to you, the young scientists. I am glad that you have made certain progress in your lives and that you still have more ambitions. You are the treasure of our society”, he emphasized.

Mikhail Ignatyev mentioned that investment into intellectual assets is the propriety of state policy. “I am sure you will achieve new heights in your life and will be in demand”, the Head of the Chuvash Republic said.

After the meeting the winners of 2015 Republican Youth Contest “Best Business Plan for Innovation Project on Bioindustrial Product Development” were awarded. The purpose of this contest is to encourage youth of the Chuvash Republic in research, development and creative activity, in the development and implementation of innovation bioindustrial products. In 2015 15 applications were submitted to the contest.

The event concluded with an exhibition volleyball game among young scientists of the Chuvash Republic.

There are dozens of enterprises in the Chuvash Republic, which perform research and developments works as part of their activity. According to the latest data by of the Local Office of the Federal State Statistics Service in the Chuvash Republic, the quantity of personnel, taking part in research and development works at the enterprises, males 1280 people, including 13 Doctors of Science (Doktor Nauk) and 72 Candidates of Science (Kandidat nauk). The scientists of the Republic perform research and development works in over 200 branches of technical, natural and liberal science; 85 scientific schools have been founded.

Photo and video footage is taken from the official web portal of the governmental authorities of the Chuvash Republic.

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