The company was founded on the basis of the scientific research laboratory of the Theoretical Basis for Electrical Engineering Department in I. N. Ulyanov Chuvash State University; the laboratory workers formed the basic part of the company’s personnel. It is notable that in the 70s of the 20th century this laboratory was working at the development of relay protection and control devices featuring microelectronic hardware components, the innovation of that time, and in the 80s of the 20th century was one of the first USSR laboratories to perform the development of microprocessor protection for the generator. Since its foundation the company has gained the wealth of experience and traditions.

Today the company works on 150 employees. Most part of them performs development works, about a quarter are in manufacturing process, while the rest of them are busy in production support and solution of other production tasks. The prominent scientific and technical resources of the enterprise are largely explained by the professional skills of the personnel; 8 employees have the Candidate (Kandidat nauk) and Doctor (Docktor nauk) degrees in engineering; 5 employees are postgraduate students; over 90% of employees have high education degree. Thanks to many years of development experience in relay protection and control, the leading experts of the company provide training professional guidance; teach at the Department of Theoretical Basis for Electrical Engineering and Relay Protection and Control of the Chuvash State University; supervise students’ internship, course and graduation projects.

“NPP Bresler”  is a reliable partner in the high technology solutions for relay protection and control for electrical power systems, from research and development to supply and commissioning of the developed and manufactured microprocessor units for relay protection and control. Over 6000 terminals by “NPP Bresler” are in operation today, including those installed in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries. During the enterprise a massive range of scientific high technology products has been established to perform relay protection and control for electrical power systems.

The enterprise elaborates its own advanced well-equipped production facilities, with the modern high-technology equipment by the leading manufacturers.

2014 was marked by the launch of the opening scientific production complex of “NPP Bresler” with the total area of 3500 sq.m.

The launch of the complex allowed a significant increase in the production technology level due to the location of modern equipment at new sites; namely, an automated printed circuit board assembly line was purchased and elaborated. It is necessary to say, that for all this time our enterprise has been developing using its own resources, without the participation of foreign capital.